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We search for the intersection of the clients’ aspirations and the site's particular features as the starting point for an articulate and deliberate architecture.  By listening to, learning from, and engaging with our clients, we develop a deep understanding of the project goals and aspirations that inform the process from day one.  Close consideration of the site's natural features and the character of the surroundings also provides essential insight for design opportunities.  Applying this knowledge, we develop an architectural language that is firmly rooted in local building traditions, expressed in timeless forms and materials, and dedicated to sustainable practices. Each project evolves to its final form, much like a pebble cast into a pond settles to a natural resting place influenced by both its inherent shape and the force of the ripples caused by the pebble itself.  


Alika Romanchak

Alika’s upbringing on Maui has greatly influenced his interest in contextually appropriate design and his belief that the climate and environment that shape the land and sea also influence and enlighten our constructed surroundings.  After graduating from Dartmouth College in 1996, with a Bachelor of Arts and a double major in engineering and studio art, he returned to Maui and spent two years working in the construction industry where he fostered an appreciation for the dedication, skill, and craftsmanship it takes to build enduring works of art.  He developed his keen understanding of the relationships between the environment and architecture while attending the University of Oregon where he graduated with a Master of Architecture in 2001. Alika's desire to return to Hawaii led him to work with the highly reputed Hawaii architect John Hara for 14 years, with whom he gained experience in both institutional and residential design before founding Romanchak Architecture in 2015.

Alika believes that every project should be approached with a forward-looking perspective while being informed by its unique environment and historical context.  His thoughtfulness to context and site stems in part from his upbringing in various locations on Maui, including on the beach at Makena and on the slopes of Haleakala.  Studies outside of the United States including art history in Italy, architecture with Pritzker Prize winning architect Glenn Murcutt in Australia, and landscape architecture in the gardens of Kyoto, Japan further shaped his appreciation for contextual architecture.

Beyond architecture, Alika pursues his love of the outdoors with activities ranging from paddling and hiking to tennis and swimming.  He relishes a good book and always welcomes a recommendation.  Alika currently resides in Kula, Maui with his wife and two boys and is fortunate to have all of his extended family nearby.

Blueprint Design

Romanchak Architecture is a full service architectural firm specializing in custom residential design, as well as educational and institutional design in Hawaii.  We value a collaborative process with trusted consultants and builders that ensures the development of  an appropriate solution for each project that enhances the unique attributes of the program and site, and realizes the owners' goals. We believe in developing close relationships with our clients who are always engaged throughout the design process and become integral to our team’s decision-making  Most notably, Alika is personally involved at every stage of the process to ensure that each project is realized, from concept to completion, with the highest level of integrity and craftsmanship.

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